Early Days

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Honey for sale!

Made by Groundhouse bees with love collected and bottled by Heidi 227g =£4.30 340g=£6.60 It is a little known fact that consuming local honey can help combat a number of allergies associated with pollen count. Buying local is good for you and the environment in many ways, so even if you just like the taste getting a pure and local honey is best all round. Top tip, replace sugar with honey in your favourire recipies and add a spoon to your stir fries, it really does add a new dimention.

Why not book a visit to Heidi's hive to find out how the bees work, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with scones and Heidi's Honey. £10 per person Booking is essential: 07592599411

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Know the planning system- Stay one step in front.

Be passionate and true to your project, if you are fake you will be seen through! If you want the support of the planning committees it is very important to be honest!

The planning system- first it goes to Parish (we got turned down here) and that was with the support of someone on the committee as they could see the environmental sense that it made.


It then goes to the planning authority, keep your eyes on the objections and supporters on line

Want to know more about how Groundhouse Sheppey was achieved or just interested in the building itslef and the nature on site? Book a look around Heidi's House, her small scale permiculture inspired nature reserve and have a cuppa and cake. £15 per person or £40 for a group 0f four. Booking essential: 07592599411

Want to Stay a night or 2? Come wild camping over the house and far away! Pitch your tent and enjoy the peacefull nature. Some of the wildlife you are likely to see here: Pheasants, Partridge, Hawks, owls and lizzards to name but a few. If you want to stay a couple of days and explore the local National bird reserves, take walks on the local foot paths and take a bath on our Blue flag beach , you are welcome. Be our guest From £25 a night. You can also have a stay in Heidi's mobile home, very basic but comfortable and sleeps a family of four, an Ideal base to stay and have a mini gettaway here on Sheppey £40 per night. Booking is essential: 07592599411

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